“Art creates the image of a nation”, interview with Artan Shabani, Director of National Art Gallery

Author: Fioralba Duma,
Posted originally for Albania News, November 18, 2013

Artan Shabani, one of the most prominent Albanian names in the International world of Art, can be considered a friend of AlbaniaNews, since many times he has inspired us with his interviews and often represented us with art exhibits, individual or collective ones, as an artist or as a curator, in the whole wide world.

Today, however, he is presented with a new mission, in a new outfit, with an even greater responsibility: the Director of National Art Gallery.

After the selection by Mirela Kumbaro the Albanian Minister of Culture and the announcement by Prime Minister Edi Rama, our versatile artist, is among the first ones to respond to the appeal of Rilindja (eng. Reborn) for the return of our successful people living abroad, because as the Prime Minister stated, ‘Albania needs talent, ability, experience, passion, profession and true love for this country’.

The new Director, who just this week started his work in this field, tells us about his journey, about migration, responsibilities and his long-term goals of ‘his full time return’ in Albania as well as his dedication to the Albanian art.