This is some difficult information to find, about the
Suppression of Ideas in Albania and about it’s Socialist Era

Many of the scanned documents on this page have been taken from elsewhere on the Internet, and in particular from the “Left Side of the Road” blog (at; the Marxist Internet Archive (at; the Russian language website; and from a website formerly operated by the “Socialist Truth in Cyprus” group in London (“Kibris’ta Sosyalist Gerçek — Londra Bürosu”). Although we don’t know the political views of this last group, we thank them and our other sources for their extensive scanning efforts.

      There are two types of PDF scans below: image scans, which consist of a picture of each page, and processed scans, which use character recognition software to read each page image and then reconstruct those pages in a smaller, easier to read file with sharper text. (However, this process frequently changes the fonts and word spacing, and might introduce a few errors occasionally.)

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The Socialist Era in Albania   (1944-1990)

Albanian Magazines

New Albania [1947-1990(?)]

  • 1969
  • 1970
  • 1971
    • #1 — January-February, 40 pages. PDF image format [25,420 KB]
    • #2 — March-April, 40 pages. PDF image format [23,669 KB]
    • #3 — May-June, 40 pages. PDF image format [24,269 KB]
    • #4 — July-August, 40 pages. PDF image format [23,721 KB]
    • #5 — September-October, 40 pages. PDF image format [13,070 KB]
    • #6 — November-December, 40 pages. PDF image format [24,614 KB]

Albania Today [1971-1990]

[Subject indexes for all the issues below are available online at: ]

  • 1971
    • #1 — November-December, 62 pages. [Note: This was the only issue in 1971.] PDF image format [10,751 KB]

Foreign Political Support for Albania (Mostly from after the split with China):


  • New Albania Society Bulletin
  • Albanian Life [Journal of the Albanian Society (Britain)]: